The Editorial category is a roundup of links to editorials and columns from West Virginia newspapers.

Opinion: Last

By E. Gordon Gee, President, West Virginia University “Last” can be defined as a conclusion; a time when things are done. However, as I prepare for my final – or last – year at West Virginia University, I am not focused on concluding my tenure as a university president. Instead,[Read More…]

Opinion: Charleston Area Medical Center is at the center of medical education

By David L. Ramsey President and CEO of Vandalia Health When you come to a hospital in central or southern West Virginia, your providers may include doctors, nurses, radiology techs, ultrasound technicians, pharmacists, phlebotomists and other health care professionals. Many of these folks received their clinical training at CAMC. Each[Read More…]

Opinion: West Virginia is winning

Mitch Carmichael Cabinet Secretary, West Virginia Department of Economic Development I am writing to share the good news that West Virginia is winning! Our state is scoring incredible economic development victories that in previous years would have been unimaginable. West Virginia has successfully awakened America to the value, benefits, and[Read More…]

West Virginia Day: Find rewards through service

By Charlotte Lane, chair West Virginia Public Service Commission In 1861, as the Civil War raged and brother fought against brother, the counties in the western part of Virginia began the process of seceding from the eastern part of the state.  Originally known as Kanawha, by the time President Lincoln[Read More…]

Opinion: Adjust or be left behind    

By Greg Kozera Last Sunday my daughter, Dannielle and I ran a half-marathon in Toledo, Ohio. The weather was cool, great for running. It was a beautiful course winding through neighborhoods. Dannielle and I had some great conversations. Her college roommate is now a doctor in Toledo who has a[Read More…]

WVPSC Column: Wild, wonderful state parks

By Charlotte Lane, chair West Virginia Public Service Commission Recently, the Public Service Commission held a public comment hearing at Hawks Nest State Park.  I was reminded once again of the incredible beauty of West Virginia.  The meeting room at the Hawks Nest Lodge was spacious and well appointed, but[Read More…]

Opinion: Inclusion – Some Limits May Apply

By W.Va. State Senator Mike Caputo, D-Marion, 13th District In a recent radio interview about some of the socially divisive laws just passed by the Legislature’s Republican-led supermajority, West Virginia GOP Chairwoman Elgine McArdle was asked whether our state might now be viewed as less inclusive. She responded, “Inclusiveness is[Read More…]

Opinion: Health Policy, the Social Safety Net, and the 2023 Legislative Session

West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy shares column By Rhonda Rogombe CHARLESTON, W.Va. — West Virginia has long faced significant health-related challenges, many of which could have been meaningfully addressed by bills introduced during the 2023 legislative session. While a couple of positive health-focused bills were passed by the legislature[Read More…]