Examiner Says

Heritage Weekend Seventy-five years ago (1947) the Examiner had a story on the front page about an aged turtle whose tummy was carved with the initials of four generations of the Grover Evans family. The oldest date was 1853 when John Evans carved his initials. This was followed by Peter[Read More…]

Mayor’s Corner

By Carol Zuber, Mayor of Moorefield Don’t you love the smell of smoke coming from a wood stove, the smell of fall rain or the smell of chili simmering on the stove? Don’t you love the high school football stadium full of fans, the roar of, “Let’s go Mountaineers!” and[Read More…]

My Unbased Opinion

By David Heishman, Moorefield Examiner I screwed up last week. My Unbased Opinion never came together. My daughter, Hannah, the Editor, bailed me out. She did a heck of a good job as far as I am concerned. First hole I’ve walked away from in 27 years of column writing.[Read More…]

Work Hammock

By Sam Reyes I once dreamed the unimaginable. Or is it dreamt? My notepad doesn’t give you green, squiggly “oopsie lines” afforded by the more tech-savvy computer types. I digress. My dream was a fight that many labor advocates had taken up, but few had ever leveraged it to the[Read More…]

The Whistle Pig

Graphic by Clara Kight   By Mike Mallow (To the Tune of The Circle of Life) From the day we arrive in Pennsylvania, And freezing, wait for the sun. There’s more shadows to see, Will they even been seen? What to do when more Winter comes? There’s far too much[Read More…]