Mayor’s Corner

By Carol Zuber, Mayor of Moorefield

Don’t you love the smell of smoke coming from a wood stove, the smell of fall rain or the smell of chili simmering on the stove? Don’t you love the high school football stadium full of fans, the roar of, “Let’s go Mountaineers!” and your favorite sweater? Living the simple life. Having the ability to look at the mountains, the changing of the leaves and the stars in the sky is a wonderful gift.

So many times, we are so caught up in getting through life we miss the simple pleasures around us. Growing up I remember making mud pies, drinking from a water hose and playing ball in the open field with the neighborhood kids, the Burns boys, the Hartman bunch and the Williams kids. I can sometimes close my eyes and drift back to those days and I can hear my mother calling my name.

My mother was one of the hardest working, and sweetest person I ever knew. Her gentle hands and reassuring smile took my cares away. I can still see cows being milked, the smell of the silo and hear the laughter of the Moyers kids as we ran through the barn yard. I can still smell the sweat of my horse and saddle as if it was yesterday. I have vivid memories of Lisa’s favorite pony Peanut. All of us loved that pony.

I remember sitting at the kitchen table handwriting a letter to one of the 4-H exchange campers and just waiting to receive a letter in the mail in return. It could take weeks but the joy of seeing that envelope in the mailbox…! I can’t imagine growing up with a cell phone, texting and email. Time changes many things but it shouldn’t change us teaching our children the “finer” things in life. Just waiting for the first warm day and off go the shoes. Barefoot and free. Do you remember the first summer swim in the river? Today we are so caught up with new technology, germs and new diseases that we miss the joy of living. I remember sitting on the riverbank fishing, riding bikes all over town and going to the show at McCoy’s theater. Who would have dreamed about the luxuries of today?

Fall is just around the corner. When it arrives, it means extra yard work. Raking the leaves, putting away patio furniture and cleaning the flower beds. The Town of Moorefield will be doing those things. They will be sweeping and cleaning the sidewalks and cleaning up especially the downtown area. Beautiful mums will replace the summer flowers and extra cleaning will be done to welcome our visitors to Heritage Weekend.

Heritage Weekend begins Saturday, Sept. 24. I encourage all residents and businesses to do their fall cleanup as soon as possible. Decorating your business or home for Heritage Weekend would make Moorefield look very special. Join me in participating in welcoming visitors to our town.
Dates to remember for activities at “Carla Hardy Garden” in the town square:
· Sept. 17: Farmer’s Market 9 a.m. to noon
· Oct. 15: Farmer’s Market 9 a.m. to noon
· Oct. 22: Back by popular demand: Food Truck Day 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Watch the Moorefield Examiner, Town of Moorefield Facebook Page and listen to WELD for future events. If you or your organization would like to plan an event please contact the Moorefield Town Office or call 304-703-2606. I will see you at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday, Sept. 17 9 a.m. to noon.

Is there a point to my corner this week? Yes and no. Yes because I didn’t write about drug use, vandalism and other things we should or should not do. No, I really just wanted to take a stroll down memory lane where life seemed uncomplicated and days seemed to last forever. We still enjoy many of these things here in Moorefield and I am happy that we still hold onto our heritage. As always, I am hometown proud.