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West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine, Frostburg State University announce partnership

WVSOM to provide guidance to Frostburg students on navigating the path to medical school

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FROSTBURG, Md. – The West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine (WVSOM) and Frostburg State University have entered into a memorandum of understanding that will better prepare Frostburg students interested in pursuing a career in osteopathic medicine.

The agreement, signed by WVSOM President James W. Nemitz, Ph.D., and Frostburg State University President Ronald Nowaczyk, Ph.D., on Oct. 16, will provide skills and credentials necessary for admission to and success in osteopathic medical school through the WVSOM Pre-Osteopathic Medicine Program (POMP).

James Nemitz

“I am so pleased to expand our partnerships with undergraduate schools to identify students who are driven to succeed and have an early interest in osteopathic medicine,” Nemitz said. “This partnership is a win for both schools. It allows WVSOM to provide guidance to Frostburg students on navigating the path to medical school, and it is an opportunity for WVSOM to attract the next generation of physicians who will excel in providing health care to patients.”

Nowacyzk echoed the positive impact the partnership will have in communities.

“This partnership illustrates the continuing evolution of higher education institutions like WVSOM and FSU to respond to the needs of the citizens they serve,” Nowacyzk said. “Creating these pathways encourages truly talented students to reach their dreams and stay in their communities. We are pleased and excited to be the first Maryland school to be part of POMP.”

Frostburg State University President Ronald Nowaczyk talks about Frostburg being the first first Maryland school to be part of the WVSOM Pre-Osteopathic Medicine Program.

The goal of POMP at WVSOM is to promote osteopathic medicine, increase the number of excellent applicants, support aspiring osteopathic physicians at all levels of education and continue the proud legacy of osteopathic medicine. Students who successfully complete all program requirements will receive guaranteed acceptance to WVSOM.

The program ensures that students have the opportunity to network with medical students and medical professionals, and assists with shadowing opportunities while improving students’ knowledge of osteopathic medicine.  

“I am excited to see how this new partnership will reward students who are interested in pursuing a medical career after attending Frostburg,” said Carolyn DeSena, a current FSU student and president of the Pre-Professional Medical Society. “It opens doors for students into the world of osteopathic medicine, where prospective D.O.s will receive the full knowledge that only Frostburg and WVSOM can provide.” DeSena also plans to apply to medical school.

POMP is a partnership between WVSOM and affiliated institutions. The program is designed for undergraduate students who have an interest in osteopathic medicine and plan to enter osteopathic medical school. Currently, 13 schools of higher education are affiliated with the program.

More information about the program can be found at www.wvsom.edu/admissions/pomp.


Situated in the mountains of Allegany County, Frostburg State University is one of the 12 institutions of the University System of Maryland. FSU is a comprehensive, residential regional university and serves as an educational and cultural center for Western Maryland. For more information, visit www.frostburg.edu or facebook.com/frostburgstateuniversity. Follow FSU on X @frostburgstate.


WVSOM is a national leader in educating osteopathic physicians for primary care medicine in rural areas. Visit WVSOM online at www.wvsom.edu.