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James Nemitz, president of West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine, selected as ‘Greenbrier County Hero’

West Virginia Daily News

LEWISBURG, W.Va. — James Nemitz, Ph.D., stands as a beacon of dedication and commitment in the world of osteopathic medicine. As president of the West Virginia Osteopathic School, his journey has been one of profound impact in advancing the principles of osteopathic medicine but also in elevating the educational, medical and economic standards of West Virginia.

His story, intertwined with his passion for holistic patient care and unwavering commitment to the community, is an inspiring one that has not only shaped the future of medical education in the state but has had a substantial economic and development impact on Greenbrier Valley. …

James Nemitz

[WVDN] Why do you think osteopathic medicine is important for West Virginia, and how does it serve the community differently than traditional medical approaches?

… While treating illness is a primary responsibility, D.O.s emphasize wellness and lifestyle strategies to prevent and address chronic illnesses. Osteopathic medicine also offers alternatives to alleviating pain without the use of medications that can become habit-forming. All of these characteristics of osteopathic medicine result in quality care for the patient.

WVSOM has contributed significantly to addressing the healthcare needs of West Virginia. The school, just finishing its 50th year of its founding is a leading producer of physicians for the state, is the largest medical school in the state, and has an economic impact that is over $1.5 billion when you include the health care contributions of WVSOM alums and students. …

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