Hardy County Rod & Gun Club: Back from the Brink of Extinction

By Darryl Buning, Moorefield Examiner

On Aug. 19, 2022 the Hardy County Rod and Gun Club broke ground on the beginning phase of their clubhouse restoration project, thanks to the hard work and generous support of its membership and the local community and businesses.

During the winter of 2018-19, the club’s fuel tank developed a leak that seeped under the original clubhouse containing its kitchen and bathrooms. As a result of this seepage the Department of Environmental Protection issued an order to clean the spill of the contaminated building and grounds.

This cleanup entailed demolishing the original clubhouse with its kitchen, bathrooms, and excavating and removal of the contaminated soil. The original 40 foot by 60 foot building was demolished and the top three feet of topsoil was removed. This left the club’s facilities without running water or restrooms.

As a result of this action all public and private indoor events since then have been curtailed. This fuel spill almost ended the club’s existence. Now with continued help and further funding, the completion of this construction project will enable the club to once again offer the use of its indoor facilities to its membership and the community at large, as it has done since 1944. Funds have been secured for the first of three phases in this project and the club is reaching out to the community for further support to complete the next two phases in this endeavor.

The club is grateful to the Moorefield Town Council and Pilgrim’s Pride for their generous donations. In addition, club members are raising funds by selling Fall Raffle tickets for $5 each, also available for purchase from Malcom’s Grocery and Doug’s Sport Shop in Moorefield. The club will be hosting a Muzzle Loader and Fall 22 Shootout competitions on September 25, 2022 during Heritage Weekend to benefit their Building Fund.

The Hardy County Rod & Gun Club has established a Building Fund account at Capon Valley Bank. Anyone can make a donation to this account at any Capon Valley Bank location. It is the desire of the Hardy County Rod & Gun Club to further increase its membership and to see that their facilities and services are a community resource that will be available for future generations.