County Clerk voted W.Va. Clerk of the Year

Gregory Ely, Hardy County Clerk, was voted West Virginia County Clerk of the Year at the June 2022 West Virginia County Clerks Association meeting and is the recipient of the Danny Cline Memorial Distinguished Service Award for 2022.

This award is given annually by Casto & Harris, Inc. to the county clerk who represents the same exemplary service to the West Virginia County Clerk’s Association, their office, and the people they serve that Danny Cline of Casto & Harris, Inc. displayed during his career serving the county officials of West Virginia.

Per their website, Casto & Harris has been the chief West Virginia county government supplier for over 80 years. They produce ballots for all 55 West Virginia counties and more than 170 municipalities.
Daniel W. “Danny” Cline of Spencer, was 54 when he died Feb. 16, 2009, after a long illness. According to his obituary, Cline worked for Harris & Casto for 27 years.